Wychwood Park Golf Club


‚ÄčA new golf club house designed for low energy consumption. 


Wynchwood Golf Club
Wychwood Golf Club
Wychwood Golf Club

Sustainable club house for PGA standard golf course

A shallow elongated plan form and passive stack "chimneys" provide good natural ventilation.

The building is naturally lit and large areas of glazing on the south-west provide spectacular views across the course from the principal rooms.


Key features

  • Club facilities integrated into course design
  • Commercial spaces- sustainable technology

Wychwood Park is one of the UK’s most innovative and prestigious residential developments, set in approximately 715 acres in the heart of Cheshire. The development is focused around a PGA Championship standard golf course.


The building fabric is highly insulated. Small openings to the north reduce heat loss, and large windows on the south-western façade make maximum use of solar gain in the cooler months. A two-storey veranda on the south side provides extensive shading in summer and a good vantage point over the 9th and 18th holes.


The building was constructed with a hybrid ventilation system to take advantage of the sustainable design.


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