Why Architectural firms should consider design competitions

During the architectural design process, there are limitations and restrictions, with budgets and client needs creating both interesting challenges and design limiting restrictions. Competitions can be a chance to boost the creative moral of your design team, boost your firms portfolio with ideas and concepts free from regular restraints and create opportunities for breaking into new and developing markets that clients may not otherwise have considered you for.

An alternative long term benefit of entering architectural design competitions is that it gives designers other inspiration to build from going forward with other projects, creating new and different concepts and ideas to catch the attention of clients and potential clients and developers; boosting the reputation of your firm with the promise of innovation.

Entering a competition can be seen as promoting good practice and allowing designers to explore and push new ideas with the modern capabilities of BIM (building information modelling) and 3D modelling. As in day-to-day business our team would go through the stages of requests for proposals, requests for qualification and in person interviews; these are treated as mini competitions engaging the design teams with a challenge without the day-to-day limitations.

The competitions give both firms and individuals a chance to shine and new and upcoming talent to be recognised both internally and industry wide.

At Inkpen Downie, we take the competition spirit and carry it on every day, encouraging our clients to lay out all that they might aspire to achieve from their projects and challenging ourselves to make aspirations a reality.

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