St Peter's Church, Harold Wood

A thriving community church in urgent need of refurbishment and expansion


"Ensuring a future for new generations in the church"

St Peter’s Church, Harold Wood has a thriving church community and although suitable for previous eras the buildings that comprise St Peter’s Centre were in urgent need of refurbishment and expansion.

Inkpen Downie worked with the church community to help make their building meet the varied needs of its growing congregation and welcome new generations to the church.


Key Features

  • Working with the church community to provide suitable facilities 
  • Refurbished, replaced and expanded the building 
  • improved access to all parts of the complex

The proposal was to take down, replace, and expand the weakest parts of the existing building fabric and refurbish much of the remainder.

The church itself remained largely untouched but access to it and the other parts of the complex have been hugely improved.

At the same time the complex as a whole has been thoroughly upgraded ready to support the churches vision for its mission in the community.

The revised design provides the church with:

  • Creche and pre-school area
  • Commercial kitchen facilities
  • Modern offices for study and meetings
  • Welcome desk and bookshop
  • Increased accessibility through widened corridors and doorways, lift installation and a new entrance.


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