St Catherines, East Tilbury

​Historic Buildings

​A working parish church undergoes restorations to ensure its communal significance.

"Ensuring Prolonged Community Significance"

St Catherine's, in Essex, is a significant historic building dating back to the 12th century.

It is a working church centred on it's community, located on the edge of a modern suburb within the green belt.

Restoration and extension of the building has preserved it's 'communal significance' and ensured it's continued use as a venue for wider purposes like choral and music groups, school groups and exhibitions or open days. 


Key Features

  • Consulting with English Heritage over conservation
  • Parishioners established needs and purpose 
  • Historic stonework repairs

The proposals were for an extension of the Grade 1 listed building to provide for an ensure its place within the community, currently an existing place of worship and an important landmark structure in its locality.

The simple free standing structure with no interference on the existing structure, beyond limited repair and unblocking of stonework. The new elements were designed to allow focus to remain on the existing building. The parishioners were consulted to set out requirements for the building which was to provide some basic amenities such as a kitchen and toilet facilities.


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