Rosebury Farm, Crouch Lane, Goff Oak

BIM - Developer Housing

Rosebury Farm is a high end residential development consisting of 3 exclusive houses set within the local greenbelt in Hertfordshire. The scheme was therefore subject to many challenges to satisfy the tight planning restrictions imposed on the development. The result is a redeveloped scheme that maximises the site’s potential yet enhances the local countryside‚Äč

Rosebury Farm BIM Housing Project
Rosebury Farm BIM Housing Project
Rosebury Farm BIM Housing Project
Rosebury Farm BIM Housing Project
Rosebury Farm BIM Housing Project

A high end residential greenbelt development 

The site, currently vacant, is located on land to the south of Crouch Lane covers an area of 1.54ha part of which is occupied by commercial buildings, a dwelling and areas of concrete hardstanding the remainder is paddock. All buildings are of low quality and are to be demolished as part of the re-development scheme.

The original site was used for agricultural purposes and more recently for commercial operation. In recent times a variety of waste including building materials and earth has been dumped on the site.

Previous lawful uses include Commercial (B2) and Residential (C3) in recent time large quantities of tipped waste have been removed from the site.


Key Features

  • High-end exclusive residential development in local greenbelt for local developer
  • Developed in 3D using Building Information Modelling (BIM)

The site slopes down from north to south with a total fall of approximately 10m over a distance of approximately 222m. 

It is evident looking at the history behind the development of the permitted scheme that the extent and height of the proposals is of paramount importance in meeting the requirement not to cause greater harm to the greenbelt than is currently the case with the existing buildings on the site. 

The three buildings share a common architectural language and palette of materials, which reflect the semi rural setting and pick up on the approach agreed for the approved scheme.

Clay roof tiles, black rainwater goods and fascia’s sit over a mix of red brick and black boarding.

The use of asymmetrical composition incorporating hipped gables and fully hipped roof forms reduces the volume of the buildings on the site and produces a relaxed aspect which is typical of buildings in a rural rather than town setting.

Basements have been added to all three dwellings and 1st floors added to the two outer dwellings. Care has been taken to avoid overlooking and locate roof lights within private rather than publicly facing elevations. 


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