Monkwick School

£1million school project

Special Educational Needs ( SEN ) room and new classrooms

BIM model
Colchester School
Essex School Architect

Double height hall and improved circulation

Monkwick Junior School was commissioned under the Essex County Council framework agreement after Inkpen Downie in collaboration with Phelan Construction were successful in a mini design competition to provide an extension of an existing 2.5FE school to a 3FE school.


Key Features -

  • Lift access
  • Special Educational Needs room
  • Improves circulation

The new teaching accommodation is a two storey building that matches the height and materials of the existing school. The design provides a new stair and lift within a new double height hall serving the new classrooms and at the same time improving circulation within the existing school.

The proposal incorporates two new teaching classrooms, a Special Educational Needs room, a studio and a food science room within the extended building, within a newly landscaped setting.


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