Flyover video - CGI for Client

Enabling a view

Bringing Client's designs to life - Inkpen Downie have been investing in developing our in-house visualisation design capabilities to create high-end images and fly-through movies to help bring client’s designs to life. 

Enabling an understanding of how 2D translates into real life

Exploration of different design options to demolish and rebuild an exiting double garage with the addition of a fourth bedroom to the existing house and potential remodeling of the kitchen to incorporate a section of hallway and possibly study to create one large kitchen dining family room.

Initially the project comprised scheme development up to the planning permission.




Key Features

Planning permission was granted in October 2018


Video imagery


Our Client was unclear on how best to develop the property and to imagine how it would look in relation to the existing house. They wanted to ensure the proposals were sympathetic to the architectural character of the existing period property. As part of the redesign process they were interested in the benefit of seeing the proposals developed in 3D.

At Inkpen Downie we have the in-house design capability to produce a 3D CAD model using the latest computer software that can be viewed from all angles to help thoroughly interrogate and enhance understanding of the scheme.


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