A Wooden Stadium & Strawberry Scaffolding: Green Building News

World's first all-wood football stadium

The world of football is seldom the focus of green architecture, but that's all about to change thanks to a new soccer stadium to be made almost entirely of timber. Forest Green Rovers have commissioned Zaha Hadid Architects (ZHA) to build the pastoral pitch as the centrepiece of the Eco Park development in Stroud.

All the wood will be sustainably sourced and the stadium will have the lowest carbon footprint of any stadium on Earth, claim ZHA. Residents of Stroud won’t just be watching football at the stadium either – they will be able to enjoy a host other activities, too.

The park aims to be "carbon neutral or carbon negative, including measures such as the provision of on-site renewable energy generation,” according to Jim Heverin, Director at ZHA.

Strawberry Scaffold?

Scaffolding can be – and usually is – an eyesore. But engineering firm Arup have come up with a novel and very green solution for their renovation of St. Mark’s Church in Mayfair. They've covered their 262ft high scaffolding in strawberries and wild flowers, with the help of Swedish plant-wall-specialists Green Fortune.

Arup says such installations can reduce air pollution by 10-20 per cent, absorb noise and help regulate a building’s temperature.

Building around a 100-year old pear tree

It didn’t take long for London's Edgley Design to come up with the name Pear Tree House for its latest building – constructed as it is around a century-old pear tree.

Apart from the respectful preservation of this very old tree, the light, airy building is decidedly contemporary in look, and incorporates a number of impressive eco-friendly features.

In terms of conserving resources and energy, the home boasts a rainwater harvesting system, thermodynamic roof panels, and air-source heat pumps.

The building is comprised of two main structures set around the pear tree and connected by a glass-roofed walkway. The tree – the lone survivor of an orchard that once stood on this site – benefits from the building’s pile foundations, which ensure the tree's roots are not damaged as they grow.

Colchester Bar goes Green(House)

The Three Wise Monkeys Bar in the centre of Colchester has decided to undertake a horticultural makeover after a visit by TV's the Skinny Jean Gardeners also known as Lee and Dale Connelly. Well known to viewers of CBBC’s Blue Peter, they Three Wise Monkeys pub in Colchester High Street to help revamp is greenhouse with tropical flowers. The pub is a renovation project of Inkpen Downie and is a great example of our architectural specialty in the hospitality sector.

Green Buildings and Inkpen Downie

All Inkpen Downie’s architects are passionate about eco-friendly architecture; we incorporate aspects of sustainable design in everything we do. As part of our commitment to this flourishing area of architecture, we are all on the Register of Green Building Consultants.

Learn more about our sustainable design work on our EcoBuild page.


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